Wendover Corporation was founded by Larry Dillon over 25 years ago as the first lead generation company for the office relocation industry. We have since evolved into a powerful sales consulting, market research, and technology firm without losing our customer-centric approach. Based just outside Philadelphia, Wendover consults some of the biggest international organizations on prospecting, lead nurturing, CRM, and more. Our clients range in size from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies, and we believe we can help almost anyone gain new customers and increase market share.

Wendover takes pride in working one-on-one with our clients to offer tailored solutions in the following areas:

-Qualified sales leads


-B2B marketing

-Sales consulting

We will not commit to working with a company unless we are sure that our services can achieve the desired results!


Meet Founder and CEO, Larry Dillon

Larry Dillon launched his career by starting a moving business at the age of 18 with his 14-year-old brother. Dissatisfied with the lead sources available to him as a commercial mover, he developed the model for lead generation that led to the foundation of Wendover Corporation in 1989.

Larry Dillon

Larry Dillon is the globally-recognized leader in B2B sales lead generation.

During his 26 years at the helm of Wendover, Dillon consulted Fortune 500 companies such as IBM, AT&T, and Cisco, provided sales coaching to thousands of businesses, and worked with Global Insight to produce the first technology industry index. Dillon attended the Wharton School of Business and has been featured by CNBC, The New York Times, VAR Business, and Fortune Small Business. His proudest accomplishments have been helping small businesses double and triple sales productivity by recognizing untapped opportunities.

“My experience in commercial real estate, commercial moving, and office furniture installation helps me relate to my customers in a very direct way. I know what it’s like to cold-call that big prospect, work to develop a relationship, and fight to get the appointment, then battle with the competition to win the job without sacrificing profit. It’s not easy, and that’s what drives me to help our clients get more deals at higher margins.”

– Larry Dillon, Wendover CEO