Sales Coaching

Through all my years of dealing with businesses, I have found that there are three types of business models, managers, and salespeople:

Victims, Survivors, and Rock Stars

Victims always have an excuse, someone to blame, and poor results. Rock Stars have crushing numbers, love a challenge, and brag about how hard they worked to win the deal. Survivors have characteristics of both.

I’ll be honest: if you’re a Victim, I can’t help you. But if you’re a Survivor, I can give you the tools and the coaching you need to become a Rock Star.

– Larry Dillon, Founder & CEO


Where do you want to be in the next month, year, or decade? Whether your goal is to overhaul your long-term business development practices or simply to reach your target this quarter, you need a good coach to help you evaluate your team’s performance, confront your biggest challenges, and identify solutions. Over the years, our personalized sales coaching has helped clients to:

  • Nurture prospect relationships
  • Build a healthy lead pipeline
  • Utilize engagement marketing to win the deal
  • Evaluate and improve closing techniques
  • Find the right team members
  • Grow sales by 25-300%
  • And much more


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What Do Our Customers Think?

  • I am a big fan of Wendover and have been using them to build the business for about 13 years now. It is hard to believe I have been in the moving and storage industry for this long! In fact, my company purchases another list from one of your competitors, and I am in the fortunate position to be able to tell you that your lead lists are far superior to your competitors'!

    William Stevens

    Alex Moving & Storage, Santa Ana, California

  • The biggest project in Office Interiors Denver's history came from the leads that we receive from you - and I tracked it down! That alone has made our subscription and participation in your program worthwhile.

    Nate Jorgensen

    Office Interiors, Denver, Colorado

  • Over the years, some of our best projects have come from Wendover. Even when a company did not relocate for whatever reason, I was able to build a relationship and win future business.

    Chris Holtz

    Thompson Networks, Doylestown, PA